The Dreamside - Mirror Moon

by Spin Moon

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3rd studio album of The Dreamside. Mirror Moon has been digitally re-released on the band-own label Spin Moon Media in 2011 and contains re-produced versions of the songs "Mirror Moon" and "Above Below Around".


released September 1, 2001



all rights reserved


Spin Moon Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Spin Moon is the official home to artists like The Dreamside and Afello.

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Track Name: Mirror Moon
So flowers fade away, in vein
My Mirror Moon
you and I we have to stay

Stay with me
I have made my sacrifice
this pain inside is killing me
I require you tonight
Save me
I have made my sacrifice
I require you tonight
Work our will by magic rite

All mighty Mirror Moon

Life far away
Farewell I had to say
He went overseas
To roam and left me

Save me
I have made my sacrifice
The pain inside is killing me
You have to hold me
hold me

My Mirror Moon
Lay with me..., Stay with me
Track Name: Above Below Around
Cold waters are running
Above , below, around
Is this reality
or all in our minds

Running with our souls,

with our minds

we will arise
Be brave warriors
Fight for our life's

Cold waters running
Above, below, around
You need prove of promise
to stay sound and alive
Is this reality
Or all in our minds

Open eye, dream....
Opened eyes dreaming...


Above , below, around
Track Name: Fairy Child
The elfish light strikes now
A frost of fright on me
Who declares your remains

How to fight life's tragedies
How to conquer them

I could not draw my eyes
from you away
Nor turn them up to pray
My fairy child
Hope you are in delight
in delight

So you were weak and weary
probably, merely
This and nothing more

I have to move onwards
without you...

Two voices in the air
You and me as shining stars
Blended is our astral light
A universe gone
A universe gone
so beautiful... we miss you
Track Name: Get Away
Time to travel
Time to change
Time to get away
Out of this place

Go astray , flee away

Get away , get away from here
And step outside yourself
Challenge to

You define again
Step outside yourself
Challenge to

So when you'll stay
You'll die
When you'll stay
You will die

You've got no choice…..
Time to travel
Track Name: La Tempesta
La Tempesta,
scuro, agrodolce
dà... fortuna
Vai, non dimentichi mai
non dimentichi mai

Pianga ma abbia fiducia in l'animo
cercare..., decire e trovare

una stella fillante
Faccia un desiderio
Guarda, Guarda e vai
La Tempesta, esta arriva
Track Name: Eurylheia
Ah..., Eurylheia
On ne trouve pas des mots sans peine
Es tu capable de donner? Mes sentiments?
La vie intérieure
Parce Que je brûle a l'intérieur
Pour libérer mon âme

Dans la solitude entier
Je mourai peu à peu
Afin que je revive
M'enlève de nouveau

Ah..., Eurylheia
Dans la solitude entier
Je mourai peu à peu Eurylheia

Es tu capable de donner?
Je suis découvert
Pourquoi, pourquoi
Tu es insensible à ma douleur ?
Donnez moi la confidence
Pour libérer mon âme
Mon nom est Eurylheia
Rouge est la couleur je te donne

Ah ha Eurylheia

Dans la solitude entier
Je mourai peu à peu
M'enlève de nouveau
Mon nom est Eurylheia
Je mourai peu à peu
Track Name: Wonders

Crying clouds are passing us
while we're indulging
in this ocean of love
It's only the rain on our skin
but it feels like a motion of trust Never really knew this existed
Dreamt about it for so long
I feel, I feel so strong

Felt alone for all my life
Wondered where all
the love had gone
Now my reflection
exists out of two This is unbelievable but true

So wonders do exist
Finding out now after all these years
They do exist
Finding out now after all these
shedded tears

These silver tears come down on us
Down our spine
like the touch of a feather
And in the midst of all this trust
we can let go all our lust
You may leash me now
Power spirits come together
It's resurrection
The emptiness has gone
Feel, feel so strong
Track Name: Fallen Angel
Your eagle eye turned dark on me
And the snake in you slides away
Each day a new tomorrow comes
And bitter tears are left undone Building up a painful wall
You run and hide ,can hear your call

I hear your call You fallen angel
Save me now You fallen angel
Although you fall You still got
the purest heart, face up now

What do you want from me ?
What do you want from me now ?
You fallen angel

So we walk different paths
We're bound, around eternally
Eagle eye turned dark on me
Memories don't you know
it is not only due to memories
You still get everything
you want from me
What do you want from me ?

Face up now
What do you want from me ?

I feel your soul
You're to scared to face up to the truth
What do you want from me ?
What do you want from me now ?
I want to serve you somehow
Serve you somehow ...,
In Anyway
Track Name: Forever and a Day
Now I know for sure forever and a day
My mirror moves
I`m talking towards the within
Bound in passion, in chains

Oh..., it´s a miracle
I love you so, forever and a day
Oh..., it´s sensual
I´m scared to know, forever and always

your hairs are strewn around the pillow
I caress your sleepy head
open your eyes and kiss me dearly

To be bound this way scares me so
untamable passion in chains

Oh..., it`s wonderful
I know for sure now, forever and a day
Oh..., it hurts me so
I know for sure I could never run away

Mistress, Eternity, you whisper soft
I want you near me

Oh..., it´s terrible
I know for sure, I´ll never go away
Oh..., it scares me so
I know for sure, forever and a day
Oh..., it`s a miracle
I love you so
in so many ways