Afello - Elemental Weeks

by Afello

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Afello's music debut has a dark, glitchy and restless atmosphere which blend nicely with the subject matter of destruction and reconstruction. The multilayered dance pop tracks on his debut are all distilled from compositions on piano, where synthesizers add texture while basses drone the lower regions.


released June 1, 2014

Music written and performed by Afello, mixed and mastered by Roman Schönsee



all rights reserved


Spin Moon Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Spin Moon is the official home to artists like The Dreamside and Afello.

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Track Name: Chop Wood, Build Fire
We've grown apart a long while ago
Now we're both strangers to our goals
I watch you burn the bridge between us
Disconnected we might grow
Better beings on our own

For the air we made was empty
Which our itching skin confirms
And the soil we plowed got poisoned
But now you can spoil your own
Burn the bridge, disconnect me
I will clean this mess alone
I don't mind the gap between us
I don't mind the gap it all

Chop wood, build fire
Burn bridge, cut wire
Pay debt, then grow

Chop wood, build fire
Burn bridge, cut wire
Pay debt, then grow
Track Name: Safe for the Rain
Standing in the rain
It’s not even close to how you feel
It’s the closest that I’ll get
Standing in the rain on my cold, bare feet
So talk, tell me all about the weather of your mind
About the reasons that you find, all the falacies and lies
So I can tell you: ‘We are not even close to fine’

I know we’ve been through this many times
I know we’ll be doing this for a long, long while
Until we know how to dry your skin until it’s done
Making mistakes is a way to learn
Until you find the lie
Until we make you see the sun
Make your mistakes my friend

Making order out of random drops is fine
As long you see it’s your abstract not mine
In this multiverse of truths and lies
I’ll sing my breath away
Until our worlds collide some day
When we’ll find shelter away from the rain
Drying our bones by the flame
But they will make us suffer till that day

Oh, we’re not even close to safe in this rain

Track Name: Floating Rooftops
Now that the rain filled the air
I am holding in my breath
My lungs, filled for some day
As the cold streams run down my face

Our town is swepted away
As the rain falls down
Hold close the wife and kids
Let your roof float on

Make sure to look while you pray
For when your house hits the dry land on the way
Our feet on the ground
Rebuilding our town
It grows brick by brck
Under new roofs
We’ll wait for the rain

Stuck on our roofs, sick of the flood
Rain falls down
Counting the stars, still getting lost
Rain falls down
We’ll make sure to look, while we pray
Rain falls down
Up on our roofs we’ll wait for the day

Now that the rain has cleared I am
Breathing out old air
Floating around we’re scouting the flood
Searching for land
To rebuild our once great

Track Name: Celluloid
So, this story ends
No more elements
No more clues we might gather
So let’s shatter the remains they tried to protect

As we step back in our lives
These nervous buzzing hives
We’ll forget the picture we have just seen
This dream in which we’ve been
In which we’ve seem to have grown
Miraculous bone structured, brave, heroic souls

But the anaesthetic is fading out

So rip the skin off from my nose
Let my blood fill all the holes

So I can drown again